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Cells, Circuits, and Computation 2012: Bauer Fellows Program

Thursday, January 19, 2012

8:15am – 8pm

CCC2012 celebrates a decade of the Bauer Fellows Program at the Harvard FAS Center for Systems Biology. Bauer Fellows are young scientists, usually straight out of a PhD, who get the opportunity to run small research groups for up to 5 years. They come from a variety of backgrounds, including biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and engineering and bring broad scientific interests and a taste for collaboration. The conference will feature the research of former and current Bauer Fellows.

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Harvard University
Northwest Science Building, B1 level, lecture hall B103
52 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA


Coffee & Registration 8:15 – 8:45
Dean Jeremy Bloxham, Dean of Science, Harvard

Welcome and opening remarks

8:45 – 8:55
Andrew Murray

A decade and more of the Bauer Fellows program

8:55 – 9:10
Session 1: Social microbes
9:10 – 9:45

Chair: Rachel Dutton

Kevin Foster (Oxford)

Social evolution in microbes

Rachel Dutton

Food for thought: Cheese as a model microbial ecosystem

Session 2: Microbes and man 9:45 – 10:40

Chair: Peter Turnbaugh

Duccio Cavalieri (Trento, Italy)

Friend or Foe: Systems Biology of Host microbe interactions

Roy Kishony (HMS)

Microbial evolution within the human body

Peter Turnbaugh

Drug metabolism by gut microbes

Coffee Break 10:40 – 11:10
Session 3: From in silico to in vitro and in vivo
11:10 – 12:05

Chair: Irene Chen

Aviv Regev (MIT and Broad)

Reconstructing regulatory circuits: lessons from the immune system

Allan Drummond (U of Chicago)

Evolutionary and cellular responses to protein misfolding

Irene Chen

Fitness landscapes of RNA

Lunch: lunch available outside the lecture hall 12:05 – 1:30
Session 4: Evolutionary biology of metazoans
1:30 – 2:35

Chair: Marcus Kronforst

Christine Queitsch (U of Washington)

Genomic footprints of the evolutionary capacitors HSP90 and RNA polymerase V

Hans Hofmann (UT Austin)

Variations on a theme: Molecular and neural universals underlying social behavior

Marcus Kronforst

Wing patterning and speciation in tropical butterflies

Session 5: Looking at cells in new ways
2:35 – 3:50

Chair: Suckjoon Jun

Sharad Ramanathan (Harvard FAS)

Controlling fluctuating neural activity and turning in C.elegans

Kurt Thorn (UCSF)

Programmable synthesis of spectrally encoded beads for peptide array experiment

Steve Altschuler (UT Southwestern)

Denial, Acceptance, and Loss of Cell Polarization in a Stochastic Model of Positive Feedback

Suckjoon Jun

The “intangible forces” that shape the genome

Coffee Break
3:50 – 4:20
Session 6: Molecular systems biology 4:20 – 5:55

Chair: John Calarco

Mike Laub (MIT)

Specificity and evolution of signaling pathways in bacteria

Kevin Verstrepen (VIB, Belgium)

Reconstruction of prehistorical fungal enzymes reveals molecular details of evolutionary innovation through gene duplication

Katharina Ribbeck (MIT)

Biological hydrogels as selective diffusion barriers

Gavin MacBeath (HMS and Merrimack Pharmaceuticals)

Uncovering network topology through systematic perturbations

John Calarco

Shining a light on alternative splicing in the nervous system

Reception 5:55 – 7:00


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Undergraduates and graduate students $25
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Non-students (postdocs, fellows, PIs etc) $40 $60

First year graduate students and undergraduate students can request free registration by writing to Adriana Gallegos at agg@cgr.harvard.edu before January 13 (please mention your university and PhD program). More senior graduate students should be able to get reimbursed from their labs. If that turns out to be difficult, please write to Adriana Gallegos (again, please mention university, program and lab).


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